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Dracula Comic illustration

The beginnings of a short comic adapted from Dracula by Bram Stoker. The segment would be of chapter three, where Draculas wives are featured.


The beginnings of a short story comic about a group of children with telekinesis.
Based on the prompts 'suit' and 'Bus'.


suit bus
Puzzle woods, forest of dean

A stand alone comic page depicting a visit to puzzle wood in the forest of Dean. 
At the time it was a needed escape and a time to bond with people I'm close to. I wanted to
capture the fun we had and the earthy place we visited. 


'Lil' Boot Lil' Bat' is a six page comic zine riso printed in pink and black.

The story focuses on a vampire who is trapped in a bat form in which he is uncomfortable in. The story turns into making do with your situation and became a metaphor for dysphoria.

small press zine
vampire illustration

Mason Wilson, UK illustrator and comic artist

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